• Second Breakfast

    Second Breakfast – Sunday, October 13  will be the next breakfast-centred service during the main service. Starting at 10:30 a light breakfast of bagels and muffins will be served and all are welcome! After breakfast, we’ll stay around tables for some input and interaction. (Children will head upstairs after the breakfast time.) We’re hoping that this becomes a fun and creative way to get to know each other more on Sunday mornings and to learn and get inspired in new ways

  • Upcoming Events

    1. Broader Community

      September 8 - December 31
    2. The Gathering

      September 21 @ 10:00 am - 2:00 pm
  • So Tired of Church

    So Tired of Church/October 21, 2018

    This Sunday was over-the-top with music and talks. Dr. Matt Balcarras and Dr. David Moore gave a shared teaching time that focused on justice issues. David’s talk was called “So Tired of Church”, referring especially to the kind of religion that allows corrupt systems to remain unchallenged. Both talks were beautiful and fit together, hand-in-glove.

    Before they started, Becka Thiessen sang a song written out of Psalm 16. You can find it here. After the talks Teena Brown led a song and then Becka came back and did one more.

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