• Bonfire Festival

    Bonfire Festival is a music and arts festival in St Stephen, NB to strengthen community and celebrate creativity. Go here for more info.

  • Upcoming Events

    1. Broader Community

      August 1 @ 12:00 am - October 1 @ 11:59 pm
    2. 2nd Breakfast

      August 11 @ 10:30 am - 12:30 pm
    3. Community Food Smart

      September 17
    4. East Coast Vineyard Gathering

      September 20 - September 22
    5. The Gathering

      September 21 @ 10:00 am - 2:00 pm
  • Pathways

    Pathways / May 5, 2019

    Peter looks at aspects of decision-making that will help people find life-giving alternatives beyond polarized forms of group-thinking. He thinks that we need humility, questions, wisdom, and a worthwhile goal to cling to in order to find the kind of synthesis that leads us forward. He sees this in light of Psalm 23: there is a way that passes between the life-draining answers of the mountains on either side of the valley of the shadow of death. God meets us there. If possible, it would be good to open and follow along the power point as you listen to this talk.

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