Derek Morphew’s PowerPoint Posted

Derek Morphew spoke at SCV back in September. Sadly his wonderful PowerPoint on the apostle Peter didn’t get posted. After a long wait it is available here now.

Advent Conspiracy Video

Heidi is showing this video on Sunday. Consider spending less on Christmas this year and instead donate the money to people in need. We’ll have a few options to consider in the next few weeks.

Watch the Video

The Giveaway is Now the Gathering

Paul & Rhona shared a few weeks ago about some changes that have been brewing for the Giveaway (an outreach to low income people in our community). One of the immediate changes is that this ministry has now been renamed “the Gathering”. The Gathering is centered around 4 values: friends, faith, food and fun. 

To learn more about what’s happening and how you can be involved please talk to Paul & Rhona.