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    a collection of spiritual songs curated by andrew smith. Click here to subscribe.

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    SCV is Celebrating!!!

    SCV is turning 25 in October! We have been around for awhile and are going to have a party to celebrate! Sunday, October 15 is the day! There will be cake! and we will share in a ‘finger-food’ potluck after the main service. Please bring something to share if you can.

    We will be hosting the Atlantic Vineyards here in November! Save these dates! Check this link for info.

    Broader Community Events

    Lots of things happening in our wider community. Click on ‘Broader Community‘ for things that other groups in the area ask us to broadcast. You can also check out the town of St. Stephen’s website here.

    Rural Lynx Public Transit for Charlotte County

    Charlotte County has a new bus service! Check it out at www.rurallynx.ca

    Volunteer/Helpers Always Welcome!

    Would you like to feel more a part of things at SCV? We are always looking for people to help with coffee, greeting, working with the kids and youth, helping with powerpoint and sound and computer stuff, being a part of the music and worship, helping at the Gathering, helping with local needs. So many things to do! It takes a community! If you are interested in becoming more involved, please contact Mary Ellen by email or call 466-5725.

    The Gathering

    Next Gathering is October 21.

    The Gathering is a ministry of SCV. Every month on the 3rd Saturday, a group meets to prepare and celebrate a meal together. During this time, a store is run upstairs and the proceeds go towards the Way family in Zimbabwe.
    The Gathering is centered around 4 values: friends, faith, food and fun.To learn more about what’s happening and how you can be involved please talk to Geordie or Kathy Hull or email or contact Peter or Mary Ellen Fitch (506-466-5725). Also you can check us out on Facebook under “The Gathering”!
    Helpers are always welcome and needed! You can help with set up/ clean up, cooking, or just hang out and have conversation and enjoy people.
    Thanks to all who donate gently used clothing and household items to the Gathering Store.  If you, or someone you know has a need for these items, please contact us and we’ll try to hook you up!

    Andrew Smith has started a new initiative, a subscription podcast of spiritual songs, many with a post-church flavour. We have shared some of the songs from this collection at SCV over the last couple of years. Think of your subscription to ‘This Light Lingers – A Year Of Song’ as a monthly contemplative podcast. Two songs per month will be released for 12 months – a year of song! EnJOY! You can subscribe here.

    Victoria Street Community Garden 

    All details are on the events page. You can keep in touch with all garden things on the FaceBook page, Victoria Street Community Garden or on the events page. Contact person for the garden this year is Raymond Funk.

    The ZimbabWays

    The Ways are now back in St. Stephen for a time to work and prepare for their return to Zimbabaway.

    Check out their new Website here, you can find all the latest on this great adventure!

    SCV on Facebook

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    Wifi Connections at SCV

    Connect to the network called ‘Scvines‘ and use the password ‘vineyard‘.

    SCV 2013 Survey Results

    SCV 2013

    Rwanda Sewing Co-op Catalogue

    Please browse through this new catalogue from the ever expanding sewing business in the Rwanda Vineyard.

    Also, check out this video that was done on the Ibyshimo Sewing Coop

    Update from Rwanda

    Here is a link to the latest newsletter from the Finnerty’s

    Keep up to date with all that is happening with the Finnertys and the Rwanda Vineyard by logging onto their blog and also their main website.

    Mission Rwanda Vineyard

    Carol Anne Wiebe gave an informative update on our partnership with Rwanda Vineyard. You can listen to her  talk here and view her powerpoint presentation.