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Date(s) - 25/08/2018 - 31/12/2018
All Day

St. Croix Vineyard




Hi Gardeners!

It’s been so good to be getting some of the fruit of our labours in the past month! It seems to be a great year for beans, beets and many other things. Each season is a little different as we try new things out and work with the weather – I hope you all have been having some successes :
I have a few updates for mid August:
First, a reminder that this Saturday, August 18th we’ll be hosting Master Composter John Castell for a workshop on how to compost and different methods to do so – come and learn how and ask questions. Anyone is welcome! This will take place at the St. Croix Vineyard building beside the garden and will be from 10:30am-12pm. (I’ve attached the poster for more details)
Second, the following Saturday, August 25th, at 10am we’ll have a Community Garden work party. We have supplies for building a trellis by the south bench which we will start putting together. There’s also some path and bed maintenance that is needed around the garden. If you haven’t had a chance to join in please come out and help keep our garden healthy and beautiful!
Thanks all for making the garden such a good space. Don’t forget to keep your paths clear and weeded, and please let us know right away if you encounter any issues.
Happy gardening,




















Good Morning Gardeners!

Today looks like another lovely day for our plants! It was so good to have that rain a couple days ago, and yesterdays heat should really help out the tomatoes, eggplants and peppers (and hopefully get some of those un-sprung seeds germinated!).
We wanted everyone to know that third and fourth beds are available this season. So if you can use an additional bed please email back and we’ll get things set up. Normally we have a limit of two beds at Registration but as the season moves along and there are some left over we’d rather see them get put to use.
That’s it for now! Be sure to keep your beds and paths weeded, and enjoy the new benches! We hope to develop a nice little arbor to create some shade on one of the benches – we’ll keep working to make our little garden beautiful!


June 2, 2018

Hi Everyone!

Looks like things are off to a good start. A few things to remember as we continue going early on this season:
  1. Remember to weed your bed and the path around – use the garbage bags beside the shed to dispose of them (if a bag is full, tie it up and take it to the dumpster by the road)
  2. If you didn’t get a chance to finalize your registration and payment, connect with Carol in person or by emailing this address. (I’ve also attached our Welcome Pack for our garden values and guidelines)
  3. If you have a question or need help with something – feel free to talk to a fellow gardener, send us an email or join and post on our Facebook group: Victoria Street Community Garden.
  4. Take walks to check on the garden regularly – this gets you in the mode to keep on top of your gardening as well as helps keeps the area and garden safe.
I also have a few garden updates:
Final Call for Beds – We’re opening up the rest of the un-used beds to our current members who would like a third bed for this season. So if you want a second or know someone else who is needing a plot to garden have them get in touch quickly! And, if you would like a third bed send us an email.
Benches! – Benches are on their way for the centre of our garden. This will be a nice addition to be able to enjoy some rest and the view of good things growing.
Next Work Party – Mark your calendar for Saturday June 9th. We’ll meet at 10:30am to finish planting and spreading mulch, and we may be able to get those benches in if the timing is right.
Happy Gardening!



Registration Day: May 19!

It would be great to see everyone who could make it between 10am and noon on Saturday the 19th. If you’re ready you can get started on planting. And it would be great if everyone could lend a hand to getting the paths weeded, mulch renewed, and the messed up beds from the gravel delivery restored. We still have beds if you’d like to invite someone else.

Please bring money for your registration.

See you soon!

May 3, 2018

Hi Gang!

We’ll be getting out registration details for VicStreet’s 2018 season out next week. Please email us vicstreetgarden@gmail.com for any pre-registration details, like confirming your plots. Remember that members can register for up to 2 beds per household, so if you are returning please confirm what beds you want this year (especially if you were able to have a third bed last year post-registration as you can only initially register for 2).

And if you know anyone who is interested in gardening at VicStreet please have them email or connect them with me or Carol Thiessen!





Happy Spring Everyone!

It’s been a slow start this year with all of the rain, but we still need to get the garden up and growing. There have been a few out tending their boxes already which is great to see. Here’s the official start-up for our organization this year 🙂
Garden Registration Day – Saturday May 27th, 10am-noon
Come in the morning to officially register for your bed/s this year. The fees and guidelines (attached) are the same as last year:
– $10 for your membership (which is waived if you worked it off last year!)
– $10 per bed (max of 2 beds per household, unless there are some left over)
Returning gardeners, you will have first chance at keeping the same beds you gardened last year. If you will not be taking a garden bed this year please reply to this email and let us know as soon as possible. If you want to register and confirm your bed sooner, email and let us know.
Other updates:
– We have a new patch of rhubarb in the bed close to the shed BUT please don’t use it this year as we want it to get established.
– Compost – there is some ready in the black pots beside the shed. If you’re adding to the compost bins please follow our compost rules – no meat, no dairy, no weeds (weeds can go in a garbage bag by the shed)
– We are waiting on an update on stone benches for the centre, but hope to get the upturned beds back to normal soon. We’ll hopefully have something settled by Registration day.
Looking forward to another gardening season!
Raymond (for the Victoria Street Community Garden)


April 29, 2017

Sunday, May 7 we want to have a lunch together to talk about the new gardening year. We’ll meet at St. Croix Vineyard at around 12:30 and  I’ll make some soup and bread.
We just added 10 rhubarb plants to the berry border, courtesy of the Nordstroms. It felt great to work the soil (though a bit mucky still!)

Everyone is welcome to come.

Hope to see you then!


October 14, 2016

We’d like to encourage everyone who can make it to come out this Saturday morning to get the garden cleaned up for the winter and to get it ready for the gravel and benches that are coming soon for the centre area of the garden.

So this Saturday (15th) from 10am until noon. Hope to see you out.


September 23, 2016


Just a note- please don’t spread any mulch around
bed #6, 7 & 20 because we will be lifting those to bring in the gravel and benches later.

We have been blessed with a huge pile of pine mulch and are having a mulch-spreading work party this Saturday!  It will start at 10:00 but please come whenever you can (but there will be fresh baked goodies and coffee if you come around 10). If you aren’t available this Saturday, you can always grab a wheelbarrow from the shed and top up a few paths at any time. All help will be greatly appreciated! (And will help keep the weeds down around your bed so there will be less work later!)

Hope to see you Saturday!

Just a note…..the large wheelbarrow is missing from the shed …..

We could use a few of them for Saturday if anyone has one at home

See u there:)

August 6, 2016

This week the water barrels were completely emptied between Tuesday afternoon and Friday morning. This is not entirely surprising given the heat and time since the last rain. But it did make me feel that I should point out that watering should be done modestly so as to ensure that everyone has a chance to find a little water in the tanks and to make sure that everyone knows that you should not take it for granted that the tanks will be filled up twice in a week (as it was this week).
So please consider alternatives such as mulching and remember what might be your fair share of water in a week.
Also, the hose is now being stored inside the west doors of the building (rather than the shed) so that it is a little more convenient for refilling.


July 22, 2016

Hi all. We’ve just heard word that some granite benches will soon be ready for the centre area of the garden! This means that some preparatory work is required. There are also some ongoing shared tasks that would probably be best done at a shared work party (weeding unused paths and around berry bushes, mulching, cultivating unused beds, etc.). So please consider coming out to a work party either this Saturday morning at 9:30 or Monday evening at 7pm (it would be great if you respond here – but just hit reply not reply all – by saying which time or both you will make it out). Remember that if you participate in these work parties, your membership fees for next year will be waived!


Remember, you can keep in touch with all garden things on the FaceBook page, Victoria Street Community Garden


Contact person for the garden this summer is Carol Thiessen  vicstreetgarden@gmail.com

May 4, 2016

We’re a little slow getting information out but the gardens will not be slow being ready. There might be a few frosts still ahead, but the garden beds are all ready to go. First time that we could start a year with this kind of readiness.

On Saturday, May 14, we will be having a garden registration day. You can show up either between 10 – 11am or 1 – 3pm to pay your fees for the year and confirm your garden bed. Of course, the starting assumption is that you will have first chance of keeping the same beds you gardened last year. If you will not be taking a garden bed this year, please reply to this email and let us know as soon as possible.

If you know of anyone who might be interested in being a part of the garden this year, please invite them to come on Saturday(or have them contact us at vicstreetgarden@gmail.com)

The fees are the same as last year: $10 for registration and $10 per bed (up to 2 beds)

We hope that we’ll be getting a load of mulch in again this year – when that happens, please feel free to spread some of that in any paths that need it. The berry border on the west side of the garden seems to be doing well – feel free to weed or mulch around that anytime.

Our only big projects for the year will be finishing the sign (hopefully soon!) and then planning and executing the design for the centre of the garden – but that will have to wait until later in the summer.

Walter (for the Victoria Street Community Garden)



June 22, 2015

So heading toward the end of June there are two important announcements:

1. WORK PARTY – SATURDAY @ 10am: We’d like to have one more work party with as many hands as possible next Saturday morning. This will be to fill the last beds (we have soil now), to lay landscape fabric, to plant green manure on the new beds, to do some weeding and clean up and – if the mulch makes it 🙂 – to finish mulching the last pathways.

2. 6 EXTRA BEDS READY TO GO – Any member who would like another bed and commits to having it put in before the end of June can have it for free (first come, first served). If you sign one up but don’t get it in by the end of June, it will be claimed for SSU. Let Carol (vicstreetgarden@gmail.com) know as soon you can.

Hope to see you on Saturday if you can.

June 19, 2015

The garden is looking great! The beds are filling up (38 beds are currently being used!!) and soon we will have more soil to finish the last of the beds. We also will be getting more mulch for the paths. When the mulch and soil are here we hope to have a work party to complete these tasks. We also have started the process of getting some granite benches made for the centre section and have thoughts about creating a labyrinth there.

Just a reminder to weed the paths around your bed(s) and to not toss weeds onto them (or into the compost). The paths around the empty beds could use some weeding too, so if you have any extra time and energy, clearing off the weeds around one or two of them would be great!

happy gardening!

May 29, 2015

Beds are still available!!!

 May 15, 2015 – 

The Victoria Street Community Garden is ready for the season! There are raised beds available for anyone who is interested. The cost is $10 for annual membership and then $10/bed (max. 2). If you’re interested or have questions, email Carol (vicstreetgarden@gmail.com) or come out to the garden on Saturday, May 23 between 1 and 3pm.

Hi Gardeners,

We’re a little later getting going this year, but that’s not such a bad thing since we have such a great garden filled with raised beds all ready to go!

First some new contact information for the year. I (Walter Thiessen) will be heading up the communications this year and Carol Thiessen will be handling registrations. The best contact address for most questions is a new email that we created for the garden registrar – vicstreetgarden@gmail.com. That’s where you can email and apply for or confirm your garden bed(s) for the coming season.

If you are planning on continuing with the same bed(s) as last year, there’s nothing stopping you from diving in any time you like. There will likely be a few of us out doing some garden work this Saturday. But the official opening day will beSaturday, May 23 from 1-3pm. That’s when you can come by and confirm your bed and pay your registration fee for the year. It’s also a good time to meet your fellow gardeners and get excited about the coming season.

If you’re not already on the Facebook page – search for Victoria Street Community Garden and join up – you’ll hear a bit about what’s going on in the garden as well as getting a heads up when some people will be out so you can work alongside others and hear what’s working (and what’s not) in other’s plots.

If you’re interested, we’ll be hosting a Bread & Soup (and dessert) Lunch at the St Croix Vineyard on May 31 at 12:30pm. Everyone is welcome. Our hope is to raise funds to beautify the central space in the garden (trellises, benches, etc.).

Happy gardening and hope to see you out on the 23rd.


November, 2014  – Thanks to all, the garden is sleeping for the winter!

November 16, 2014

Thanks to everyone who came out and helped finish off the year a couple weeks ago. We managed to clear out overgrown beds, move the pile of soil, lay fabric and fill existing paths with mulch, and even transplant a few berry bushes. Oh, and we had fun!
I need a couple of things from everyone at this point.

– Let me know how many times you came out to volunteer. This is so I can report volunteer hours in our funding report, use the information for future funding applications if we apply, and determine if membership fees will be carried forward to next year or not.
– Let me know if you’re interested in a plot(s) next year, or if you know of someone else who is.

Thanks again everyone

October 15, 2014

Sorry it’s been a while since I’ve wrote, family stuff and starting up the university year have been taking most of my time. But the growing year is done now and we need to finish off.
The most important things are building and filling the remaining beds, and laying landscaping fabric/mulching over it to help move all of the supplies off of the parking lot. We also need to take down the watering system and tidy up around/repair the compost bins.
So Saturday, November 1 we’ll bring everyone together to help get this done. If you haven’t done so already, remember that you need to help out a couple times to forward your membership fee to next year. Also, we just want to see everyone out and spend some time together. Let me know if you’re coming so we can organize the day well.
To make sure the space is ready for us to to work in, have your plot cleared by next weekend. If you grew tomatoes, it’s probably best to assume that they had Leaf Spot on them and to throw those plants in the garbage. Otherwise you can put your plant matter in the compost (any more specific instructions for composting Kelly?).
Thanks everyone, see you on the 1st!
Thanks for up date kendall
Any plant stuff is welcome in compost as long as there is no disease and chopped into smaller pieces would be helpful. Kelly

September 10, 2014

Hi all
Just a few items…. while weeding in one of our beds i got a handful of poison ivy so watch out.   Who knows where that came from.?
Box no. 5 really  needs to harvest their produce , the tomatoes are ripe and spilling out and getting squished.
If anyone doesnt want or have time to harvest their veggies , please let  me know and frances and i will harvest them for the food bank.
Lots of positive feedback from people walking by.
A gal walked  by today, just moved here , loved the garden and gave me her name and phone number for a couple of plots  next year.
Food bank beds are producing lots, no thieving as of late.
Thanks to all,  kelly

August 14, 2014

Hi everyone, I’m long overdue for an update, so here’s a quick one. 

– We’ve built a few more beds, and now have only 8 left to finish building, and a few more than that to finish filling. With a little extra landscaping fabric we can spread the mulch we have and finish off the raised bed building project of our garden, which has been a large but very rewarding undertaking. Let Mat know if you’d like to help with putting some beds together, and feel free to stop by any time to fill existing beds up.
– Now is the time when weeds are seeding out, so you need to remove them and place them in bags in the garbage to prevent them from growing next year in your plot or your neighbours’. You also need to bag and garbage any tomato and potato leaves with leaf spot (check Walter’s post on the Facebook group) on them to prevent the spread of the disease.
– Mat would like to see people get together sometime this month to hang out instead of just coming together for work parties, so stay tuned for an invite, or create your own party and invite all of us!
– As much of the garden is ready or getting ready to harvest, it is an excellent time to be more present around the garden, to pick your own food, and to discourage others from picking yours. Mat and I talked with some youth who were admiring some garden fruits recently, and I’m sure more people will be admiring the success of our garden this year, so some extra presence will have you eating your garden fruits before someone else does.
Enjoy these great summer days, talk to you soon,



August 1, 2014

Hi All!   Wow those new beds look fantastic!!   Thank you Thank you to the carpenters and all others who put those together and filled them!!
Finished compost is out of compost and in 4 pots beside garden shed.   All fresh compost to go into far left bin now. (I put a notice up)
Could you guys keep an eye on the watering needs of the food bank beds for the next couple of weeks?   I will be out of town and it’s a bit much for Francis to do it all herself.  Her number is 466 3074, if you want to give her a call and let her know when/if you will water.  Thanks so much!
Another 10 lbs of veggies went to the food bank today!

July 26, 2014

Hi all, just wanted to let everyone know that we have a few gooseberries that are ripe, if anyone wanted to try one, (I had never tasted one myself)

They are on a couple of small bushes at the end of the perennial bed. (Elm street end)  Watch out for the thorms, they are wicked!


And a reminder that the compost in the bin closest to the shed is ready to use!   I  want to dig it out of there and start putting the fresh stuff in that bin now.   Then I’ll close off the far right one, let it “cook”.


Thanks, Kelly

July 22, 2014

Hi all, just to let you know that we took our first veggies to the food bank on Monday.   Beans, peas, lettuce, cucumber and 1 broccoli. Lots more to come from the look of things.   Kelly



July 11, 2014


Mat thinks it’s time for that second work party we mentioned a few weeks ago. So this Saturday morning, starting at 8, we’ll try to put the rest of the beds together that we have wood for, fill them and mulch them in. Reply to this or let Mat or I know if you can make it, thanks!

The hurricane left some great moisture in the ground, so hopefully the heat pairs nicely with that to help all the gardens take off. I think I had a deer chew up half my bed, mostly onions and one squash plant, so let us know if you see bugs or other things that we should all know about.


May 30, 2014

Hi all, just a quick note to say that the compost in the far left bid (next to shed) is quite useable (give or take a few twigs)  so help yourself!       We had a small amount of mulch delivered, but I guess we will have to wait till the landscape fabric is down before we spread that.
Thanks, Kelly

Hello Everybody,

If you are interested in making something for the soup, bread and dessert fundraiser on June 8, please reply to this email and let me know what you are planning to bring. If you want to make something, but don’t know what, contact me and we’ll come up with something (I have lots of delicious ideas.)




May 21, 2014

A few of us came out Saturday and finished arranging existing beds, dug out around and filled our beds, and a couple even got planted! We’re now approaching the town to see if they’ll give us mulch from the spring clean-up.

If you haven’t come out yet, you’ll need to register with Helen 465-8989 or myself, and then you can fill your bed with 3 wheelbarrows of soil and 8 bags of compost (2 from each pallet). Then use a cultivator tool from the shed to mix it together and get planting.

The combination for the shed is ??? (call Kendall). If you open the shed, be very careful to lock it again, clean the tools off when you’re done, and put them back tidily.
While you’re there, we need help with getting the food bank plots on the north end filled. Kelly and Frances are eager to get it planted, but need help getting the pathways dug out and the soil and compost added in. Food bank plots will take 4 wheelbarrows of soil and 9 bags of compost (assorted).
We also need help with a soup and bread fundraiser to help cover our costs for the year. It will be on June 8th at the St. Croix Vineyard church next to the garden, after their weekly service – sometime between 12:30 and 1pm. We need someone to organize it, volunteers to set up the day of, and lots of us to bring soups, breads, desserts and our friends to help celebrate our garden and contribute to the fundraiser! In the past we’ve had a $5/person or $20/family suggested donation, which we’ll likely do again.
thanks everyone,


May 17, 2014

The weather has finally decided to submit. The forecast for Saturday looks gorgeous, so we’re going to start at 9am on Saturday, May 17, to finish off some more beds, put the soil and compost in, and dig out paths if we can. The crew on Monday night was able to build 14 more beds, which was a big help!
So bring the money for your bed ($10 for plot and $10 for membership fee), and if you want to plant later on Saturday, let me know so we can start the process of assigning beds.

Contact Mat (467-0904 or matrouleau00@gmail.com), or Kendall (466-6729/321-9665 or skkadatz@gmail.com) if you want a plot or if you know someone you think would like a plot or if you have any questions about anything!


May 9, 2014

So, good news. The soil has arrived. The second batch of wood has arrived. Half of the compost has arrived. Kelly and Francis proposed a new plan for the layout that Mat has put online here (feel free to comment). Grass is growing everywhere. More people keep expressing interest in the garden!

Now we just need the weather to cooperate. We’re planning on going ahead at this point and will make a final call tomorrow afternoon.

Mat will be getting things ready tomorrow afternoon from 3-4:30 if you want to join him then.

Two things that we still need volunteers for are: taking in registration forms this Saturday and next (when we plant!), and organizing a soup and bread fundraiser. Let me know if you’d be up for helping with either of those.

Thanks everyone!



May, 2014

Hi everyone, we’re going to have our next round of building raised beds next Saturday, May 10. As the St. Andrews yard sale is on in the morning, we’ll start at 1pm like last time.

If you couldn’t make it last time, we built 20 regular beds and 8 food bank beds. We need to build another 20-30 beds, arrange and level them, dig out the pathways in between and lay landscaping fabric. We may also add soil and compost to the beds, and mulch or shavings on the landscaping fabric, but we’ll see how details and weather come together. We will definitely need all available help to get through as much of that as we can. If everything goes well we may be able to plant on the long weekend, but that will depend on weather and when the soil comes in.
Also, we’re throwing around some alternate ideas for the overall layout of the beds thanks to Kelly and Francis that would make it less utilitarian and more aesthetically appealing.
I think that’s enough for now, let us know if you will be coming out to help. Tools that we will need this may include shovels, rakes, wheelbarrows, drills, ratchets and extension cords. We will confirm tool needs early next week. As with last time, it would be great if a couple of people bring snacks to keep us all going.
Let me know if you have any questions and we’ll see you soon,




April 2014

This Saturday, April 19th @ 1pm we are going to build raised beds at the garden (current forecast is sunny!). If you plan to have a plot this year, or just want to volunteer, come join us. We could use some corded drills, extension cords, sawhorses, and 9/64 drill bits for the pilot holes. Bring your own gloves and a snack to share if you can.

Contact Mat (467-0904 or matrouleau00@gmail.com), or Kendall (466-6729 or skkadatz@gmail.com) if you plan on coming, or if you know someone you think would like a plot.


Now that winter has given it’s last hurrah, it’s time to think gardening. As an update for those who haven’t heard, we’ve received a grant for $3000 this year from ESIC that will help us to take on our major project of transitioning to raised beds. We have an article going out in the Courier on Friday welcoming anyone to participate, so let me know right away if you want a plot(s) as we will be allocating them on a first come, first served basis.


This year plots will be $10 each and will be 4 feet by 10 feet. We’re working out final details on this one, but there will also be a $10 per year membership fee that you can earn back/put toward future years by participating in group work times and maintaining your own plot. You can have up to two plots per family, but if some plots are unclaimed by planting time you could ask for more than two. Plots you had last year will not be the same for this year since we are raising them and adding soil, but they will be permanent for as long as you keep them now.


For those wanting to volunteer or have a plot, our first work time is set for Saturday, April 19th to begin building the raised bed frames, time TBD but likely in the morning. We are hoping to have a soup and bread fundraiser at the Vineyard Church on May 4th, and to plant Saturday, May 17th (long weekend). These are weather permitting, and assuming that we have been able to bring all of the details and materials together in time for these dates, so they are a little flexible at this point.



There will be a meeting after church next week Feb. 9 upstairs in the Cafe for anyone interested in participating in the garden this year, whether holding a plot and/or participating on the planning committee. Bring lunch supplies (for yourself or to share) so we don’t starve while we talk!

*** garden is sleeping for the winter. See you in the spring!
*** from October 16, 2013

Carol told me today that there’s a nice big pile of manure next to the community garden that’s been waiting there since at least Saturday!

So let’s tackle it this Saturday morning at 9:30am with forks and wheelbarrows. Let me know if you’re in, as we were short a few hands for the take down day on Oct. 6.
… from September 30, 2013

It’s been a fun year, and now it’s time to finish it off. Everyone needs to harvest their remaining fruits, and uproot all of their plants (put in compost) and/or weeds (put in garbage) by this weekend.

Then we have some things to do together that we were aiming to do this Saturday, but with lots of conflicting events, I propose that we do it after the potluck at the Vineyard church this Sunday October 6 (maybe get extra helpers!). We need to:
– tear down the leaf shed
– take down the watering system
– organize/move rock piles
– do final weed eating
This will prepare us to spread another round of manure (aiming for Oct. 19) before we till for the fall.
This sets us up for looking forward:
– We’re finalizing details on a shed that Andy will build
– We’re leaning toward starting raised beds and installing drainage for next year, details to come
Respond and let me know if this Sunday October 6  works for you to help us take things down,


….from August 30, 2013
Hi everyone, just wanted to let ya know that Francis and I have been taking produce from the garden to the food bank every week.   Lots of swiss chard, lettuce, cucumbers, squash, beans (coming) beets and more.    They are thrilled with it all!
….from July 26, 2013

We’re going to have a group work day this Sunday afternoon at 4pm to help a couple people who need help with weeding, to finish tilling and then sow buckwheat in the vacant plots, and do some other general maintenance

Then we’ll head to Mat and Grace Rouleau’s at 5:30pm for a potluck supper. Bring something to cook over an open fire and a side dish or dessert to share.

And yes, it will be sunny on Sunday, in case you’re wondering, I’ve put an order in for all sun that day.


…..from July 21, 2013

So there’s three ways that plants are or need to be reduced right now. First, Mat has tilled under the empty plots so they can be seeded down with buckwheat soon to improve the soil. Second, some plots appear to be a little overloaded with plants, so check to see if you need to thin some out so your remaining plants have a chance to grow.

Last, the Activity Centre would like some help with their plots. It’s been difficult for them to come up to keep up with the weeding, so if a couple of people wanted to help weed their plots, they would really appreciate it. They have the plots with some horsetail right now that should get removed http://www.maine.gov/agriculture/pesticides/gotpests/weeds/field-horsetail.htm, near the leaf shed and compost bins.
….from July 5, 2013

We wanted to let everyone know that we’ve been approved for the Charlotte County Community Inclusion Network grant that we applied for this year. Huge thanks to Keith, who volunteered his time to put the application together! We received close to $2800 and we’ll be using it to help cover costs of soil improvements, water access and a shed to house equipment.

….from July 4, 2013
Everyone is invited to a WEEDING PARTY on Saturday (July 6) morning from 9am-10:30am. We are hoping to weed our personal plots, the community gardens and cleaning up the strings. Carol and Walter will be bringing a watermelon to share. Hope to see you all there!
…from June 16, 2013
just wanted to give a heads up to those not on the Facebook site yet; cucumber beetles have arrived. if you’ve got squash, zucchini or cucumber, check your plants daily and squish these little monsters to get rid of them. Mat recommends using your fingers, I opted for a stick.
oh yeah, and the garden in looking amazing, so good to see all that wonderful growth out there!

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…from May 30, 2013

So here’s another try at it. The forecast is suggesting showers, but very minimal ones, so we’re going to aim for this Saturday morning.

I’m going to say tentatively around 9:30am for a group planting time, but stay posted in case I make a small change to that.

A reminder that you can plant any time now so long as you register with Shelley first (that’s how you get your plot :).


…from May 24, 2013

Soooooo, Walter’s idea for planting rice tomorrow didn’t go over well when I thought about it, so we’re going to postpone plantingtomorrow. At this point we need to wait and see when the ground is going to dry up enough, so the message for now is keep posted. As before, if you want to get started on your own, you can contact Shelley to get registered atshelley.kadatz@gmail.com.

Thanks everyone, do something dry tomorrow!

…from May 19. 2013

Bigger change this time, it looks like the rain is going to win out tomorrow, despite my constant checking of the weather forecast. So here’s how we’ll go forward. We’ll postpone the group planting time to Saturday morning, starting sometime between 9 and 10am (I’ll give a firmer time closer to Saturday). If you want to register/pay sooner so that you can get planting before Saturday, you can stop by mine and Shelley’s house tomorrow afternoon.

We live at 15 George St (yellow house across from Mehan’s), and we’ll be here from at least 2-5pm. If you want to stop by outside of those times, give us a call first at 466-6729.


…from May 14, 2013

First off, thanks to everyone who helped spread the goodness on May 1st. Check out the pics, especially Walter relaxing https://www.dropbox.com/sh/3mj0t1v45j4kuy5/njkFbos4yV?n=1484286

Right now we’re rounding up the last of the amendments for the soil this year, and youth from the St. Croix Vineyard church will help set up the plots.
That means we’re ready to plant, so come to the garden Monday, May 20 (Victoria Day) @ 2-4pm or 6-8pm and join our planting party to get yourself started. If you were part of the garden last year, some things have changed, so read the next lines closely. Shelley Kadatz will have the registration form/guidelines to get you signed up and oriented (feel free to print/fill them out before), and Helen Soucoup will be there to collect registration money for your plot ($20/plot to cover fees). You’re free to plant after May 20 if you want, but it’s more fun together, and you need to register and pay before you plant.
As a reminder, Carol Thiessen (466-0994) is setting up mentoring relationships for people who would like help learning how to garden.
Also, Communities in Bloom meets regularly throughout the summer and wants to know if someone from our group would like to attend their meetings and keep them up to date with what we’re doing. Let me know if you’d be interested in doing this.
See you Monday – make sure to bring whatever you need to get planting!


…from April 29, 2013

Let’s get our hands dirty!

It’s been a little while since the last update, with lots of work going on in the background. Our soup and bread fundraiser brought in a little under $400, Keith Turner submitted an application to the Charlotte County Community Inclusion Network (CCCIN) partnering with the Family Resource Centre, Mat put a lot of work into gathering what we need for soil prep, and several people helped Helen and I sort out budget items. All that work means we’re ready to do something!


Mat called Valley Run Monday morning and they have a dumpster of manure coming today. So Wednesday, starting at 6:30pm, bring pitchforks and wheelbarrows to help spread the goodness! It’s important that everyone helps out at times like this to make the garden work. We’ll let you know about other opportunities to pitch in soon.


The first soil till will happen this weekend, and Mat’s aiming to have us planting on the long weekend, which brings up some other points. To cover costs for amendments, tilling, water supplies, etc. plots will be a recommended donation of $20 each this year. Contact Helen or I if you need help with that.


Only a few people have responded to Shelley shelley.kadatz@gmail.com for plots, so if you or someone you know wants one, let her know in the next couple of days (if you had a plot last year, you can request the same plot this year). After that, I’ll start making wider announcements about availability.


That’s enough for now, see you all soon and have fun on Wednesday!



…. from March 11, 2013

Here’s an update on the community garden at the St. Croix Vineyard this year. As Raymond won’t be here this summer, he called together a group of people to start handing off tasks. I got the role of communications, so you’re hearing from me. Here are the other people who have been willing to take lead roles so far this year so you know who to talk to if you need some information or want to help them out:

Mat Rouleau – soil care and strategy
Shelley Kadatz – registration, summer schedule
Tom Wiebe – maintenance and water systems
Francis and Kelly – community garden section
Carol Thiessen – gardening mentorship connector
Helen Soucoup – the money lady
Kelley Hughes – composting
Raymond Funk – helping us all figure out what to do

So if you’re interested in a personal plot (to plant!) or know someone else who is, talk to Shelley. If you’d like to help with one of the areas above, contact the person owning that area. If you have other questions, aren’t interested this year because of too many other wonderful things in your life, or want to tell me how awesome I am, email me.  Kendall Kadatz .