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    Victoria Street Community Garden

    May 1 @ 2:00 pm - October 31 @ 4:00 pm




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    December 7, 2019

    Hi everyone,
    Thanks for a great year, the garden ended up in really good shape with our last work day. I have prepared a short survey (5-7 minutes) to fill out about your experiences this year and thoughts for next year https://forms.gle/HRHgLQhSCeB4WGZVA.
    If you didn’t garden or participate in the leadership this year but would like to next year, just fill out questions 1, 2, 3, 9, 10, 11, and 13 https://forms.gle/HRHgLQhSCeB4WGZVA.
    To keep this from getting lost or forgotten over Christmas, please complete it by next Sunday, December 15.


    October 24, 2019

    I’m replying a little later than I had hoped, but it’s turned out good for 2 reasons. First, the forecast has improved and it will be sunny and 13 on Saturday. Second, we received our mulch today, so now we know we can spread it. Here’s what we’re looking at for our last group day of the year. Show up as early as you like to work on your own beds and paths before the group time.
    • We’ll start shortly before 2pm. Coffee and timbits will be there again to fuel us up, feel free to bring a snack to share if you like
    • Weeding – we’ll finish weeding around the food bank plots, perennial beds, and fruit bush row
    • Raspberries – we’ll cut them back so we can start fresh next year and row them
    • Mulch – we’ll need a few wheelbarrows and forks to move it around, so let me know if you can bring those items
    • Shed – the shed always needs a good tidying up, inside and out, so we’ll tackle that to wrap it up for the year
    We’ll finish up around 4pm so you can head home for supper or whatever else you have planned.
    If you can come, reply here or on the Facebook post to let us know so we can prepare for Saturday.


    October 1, 2019

    Happy fall!
    Now that it’s started cooling off, we can start thinking about wrapping things up for the year. Here are a few things to note as we wind down:
    • Thanks to Andy and Carol for starting the weeding around the food bank beds last week, it looks a lot better already. For those of you who don’t know, Andy fell off his house this weekend and got hurt pretty bad and is in the hospital recovering with several broken bones. He doesn’t have a plot this year but is always an amazing volunteer. He and his wife have several people supporting them, but if you don’t have direct contact and want to do something, let me know.
    • As you clean up your own plot(s), there is a garbage bin and bags in the shed to put your weeds in. If you fill up a bag, put it in the garbage bin at the end of the driveway. While you’re cleaning your plots and weeding around them, please take a few minutes to help weed around the food bank plots and fruit bushes.
    • Whatever we don’t weed as we clean our own plots up can be finished off at our last work party, which will be October 26. Since it will be chilly in the mornings then we’ll go from 2-4pm (yes, there will be coffee). Mat likes the idea of having a potluck after we’re done to celebrate the year (I have to confirm availability of the building with Helen), so start thinking about bringing something to share, especially if it’s from your garden. We have requested to have some mulch dropped off, so part of that day could involve moving mulch, finishing weeding, chopping back raspberry bushes, moving water barrels, etc.
    • If you had more than 2 beds this year, remember that you’re permitted to request 2 beds for next year at this point, and any others would be open for new gardeners next year. If they don’t end up being used then you can request additional beds again next year. Let me know which beds you want initially if you plan on gardening again next year.
    • If you’re having some random vegetables dug up and left around your bed, it’s probably not the local hooligans messing with your plot. Well, actually it is, but likely smaller bandit style ones otherwise known as raccoons. They checked out a few of my leeks and carrots over the weekend.
    • We’ll be looking to form the leadership team for next year later this fall so start thinking about whether or not that’s something you can be a part of.



    Sept. 6, 2019

    Hi everyone,
    I hope you’ve all been able to harvest a few things from your gardens so far this year. Going into the next few weeks, here are a few things to keep in mind.
    • Harvest sooner than later as people have previously picked squash and other vegetables when they were close to being ripe in the fall.
    • Keep your beds weeded inside and out. Also, I’m looking for a few volunteers to weed around the food bank plots this week and next, let me know if you haven’t been able to help out yet and would be up for this.
    • When considering what to grow next year, keep in mind that alliums (onion, garlic, scallion, shallot, leek, and chives) are deer-resistant. Also, I’ll be suggesting that we use Plantskydd next year as a deer repellent in and around the garden as it is organic, highly effective and much cheaper than a fence.
    • We’ll aim for one more work party day in mid-October, probably shortly after Thanksgiving, to clean up beds and a few other tasks, which may include spreading mulch if we can get some.
    • Frances has been given some milkweed seedlings, which attract monarch butterflies, and is considering planting them to the right of the compost bins where the apple tree was cut back this year. Thoughts?
    • Kelly says hi to everyone (she helped Frances with the food bank plots until this year for those who are new)!
    August 20, 2019
    I’m checking in briefly on a couple of topics. Things have been looking great this summer, and that can be helpful to know if one or two things haven’t been going good in your own garden bed (I can’t seem to get my cucumbers to do anything!). As we edge closer to the end of summer,
    • Take a moment to enjoy what your garden has produced, and what those around you have as well
    • If you have garlic planted this year, make sure to harvest it right away, stalks are getting brown quickly – Ray and I will be harvesting ours around 4-4:30 on Wednesday if you want to join
    • Make sure to keep weeding around your beds, and if blight or other diseases are showing up, cut the plants back and put them in the garbage
    June 24, 2019
    Hi everyone,
    I’m sending out an email before I head out for two weeks tomorrow. I stopped by this morning and things are looking amazing!
    • Water is holding out well so far and there’s at least showers forecasted for most of this week, so we should be pretty good there. If the water runs out, feel free to ask Mat about filling them up (306-202-9103).
    • Keep weeding and keeping those bugs off your plants (if you’re struggling with the little black flea beetles I’ve been told that cinnamon helps, so long as you reapply after rain).
    • A reminder that compost goes into the bin on the far right
    • Also, feel free to encourage people to spread their haircut hair and to pee around the garden to discourage the deer. Apparently they’ve munched a few beans, peppers and tomatoes so far, nothing serious, but let’s not encourage them to hang around!
    • And for anyone who purchased some bags of extra compost, can you remind me how many you took and if you paid me already? That happened a little spontaneously and I can’t recall all the details right now.
    See you in a couple weeks,
    June 9, 2019
    Hi everyone,
    I’ve been meaning to send this email for a bit but have been swamped, apologies. Here are a few updates:
    • Water tanks – Andy has repaired them, and they should start filling with water when it rains on Tuesday! I had the tap on the building open today for those who caught the Facebook message, apologies for not getting it here, but my phone wouldn’t let me send an email to this list while I was out.
    • Beds – there are currently 5 beds remaining for this year if you know someone who still wants one, we’ll keep them available until this upcoming weekend. If you currently have one or two and would like an additional one, let me know
    • Food bank plots – Frances will be needing help maintaining these this year now that Kelly is gone. We have people signed up to weed and water 3 of the 8 food bank plots, if you’re up for looking after one, let me know – if you’re unable to attend the work party days, this might be another way for you to contribute
    • Next work party day – We’re going to get one more in this coming Saturday, and then take a break until later in the summer. It will be from 9-11am this coming Saturday and involve some of the following tasks, come have some fun and meet some other gardeners you may not be familiar with yet!
      • Clean up shed
      • Clean up around shed
      • Finish weeding rows, including fruit bushes
      • Add soil to planters
      • Fix bed Wilf used last year (available this year)
      • Weed, mix in compost, (possibly) seed empty beds
      • Replace wood screws with lag bolts in beds at back
    Thanks, let me know if you have any questions for the time being,

    May, 2019

    Hi everyone,

    I hope you’ve enjoyed your weekend, and watched some seedlings grow or read a gardening book while it’s rained, thundered or fogged outside. I have a few updates coming into this weekend.
    • Isaac Weatherhead has agreed to look after tending the compost this year
    • Rachelle Snelgrove has offered to help as well, and likes the idea of heading up some events or workshops throughout the summer (she helped Shelley set up one on composting last year). So if there’s something you’d like to see happen, send your ideas to this email or get in contact with Rachelle.
    • Food Bank beds – Frances has said that what she really needs help with is weeding and watering the plots during the summer (and some help at harvest time), and thinks the best way is if people adopt a food bank plot to take care of once she’s planted them, so you’d weed and water the food bank plot at the same time you tend your own. We’ll be taking volunteers to tend the plots during registration on Saturday.
    Saturday – registration (9am-12pm) and first work day (10am-12pm)
    • You need to register (and pay) before you confirm and start work on your beds. You can either digitally fill and return to me or print off the registration form I sent last time (attached again), or fill it out Saturday morning. Payment can be done in cash or e-transferred to skkadatz@gmail.com.
    • The idea is that people can register and then tend to their own beds from 9-10am, and then we’ll tackle some of the initial projects for the rest of the morning. These include:
      • Moving bags of compost to all of the beds, spread out and lightly cultivate into empty and food bank beds. There’s one wheelbarrow on site, but maybe bring another one if you have one to make it go quicker
      • Move water bins against church building
      • Plant 5 clematis next to trellis in center
      • Rake/weed pathways
      • Moving and refilling old half-barrels for planting annuals in centre
      • Weed berry beds

    Mat has promised that there will be coffee and timbits on site to help fuel us through the morning, and he’ll be helping to organize the work

    Last note, we still have lots of beds available this year, so spread the word. Frances has put up some posters around town already, and will be putting a few more up, but let people know who you think might be interested.
    Thanks, see you Saturday, let me know if you have any questions,


    Hi everyone,

    A meeting was held this past Sunday with a few people who oversaw the garden last year, and a few willing to head up efforts this year. At this point, the team for this year is:
    Coordinators – Mat Rouleau, Kendall Kadatz
    Registration/Fees – Mat Rouleau, Kendall Kadatz
    Maintenance – Andy Kramer
    Food Bank beds – Frances, ??
    Composting – ??
    As you can see, there are still a couple of gaps to be filled, so let Mat or Kendall know if you’re interested in helping to head up Food Bank beds with Frances, or Composting.
    • Registration day and the first work day for the year will be Saturday, May 25. Registration will start at 9am, work day activities will start at 10am, and we’ll aim to end by noon (feel free to bring a snack to share).
    • If you want to register early and plant before May 25, feel free to confirm your plot(s) with Mat or Kendall, fill out the attached registration form, and get your payment into Kendall before you do so.
    • We’ll be purchasing some compost for beds this year, and the current plan is to get 4 bags of compost per bed, and to have it available for May 25, we’ll confirm that as soon as we can.
    • Also, the water bins need a bit of repair, but Andy is away for a few weeks, so he’ll repair them when he gets back and we’ll have to bring our own water until then (we’ll have the tap on during the day on May 25).
    • Currently, it looks like we’ll have between 10-15 beds available beyond what’s been spoken for already, so if you know someone who’s looking for a bed, pass this information on to them and connect them with Mat and Kendall.
    Thanks everyone, I hope your seedlings are taking off for you, see you all in a couple of weeks.


    April, 2019

    Hi Fellow Gardeners!

    With exception to the last couple of days it has been feeling more spring-like. I’m sure some of you have some seedlings going already and before long we’ll be getting ready to plant! So, it’s time to start getting the garden organized for the year.

    While official registration will still be a month away, we do want to get the Garden team organized for this year. We wish everyone to help out in the garden during the season and it takes a small team to keep things organized (you can see some of the roles in our welcome pack). Let me know if you have any interest in being part of this year’s team. We will being setting up a pre-season meeting in late April or early May, in which we can see what’s in store for our garden and the team for the year as well as get to know each other a bit more!

    Many of you expressed interest in carrying over your beds into next year. If you didn’t do this in the fall but wish to now, please respond to this email and we’ll make a note as we get ready for registration. We always try to give last year’s gardeners choice to keep their two primary plots for the following year.

    Looking forward to seeing what this next season brings!


    Vic Street Garden vicstreetgarden@gmail.com







    Hi Gardeners!

    It’s been so good to be getting some of the fruit of our labours in the past month! It seems to be a great year for beans, beets and many other things. Each season is a little different as we try new things out and work with the weather – I hope you all have been having some successes :
    I have a few updates for mid August:
    First, a reminder that this Saturday, August 18th we’ll be hosting Master Composter John Castell for a workshop on how to compost and different methods to do so – come and learn how and ask questions. Anyone is welcome! This will take place at the St. Croix Vineyard building beside the garden and will be from 10:30am-12pm. (I’ve attached the poster for more details)
    Second, the following Saturday, August 25th, at 10am we’ll have a Community Garden work party. We have supplies for building a trellis by the south bench which we will start putting together. There’s also some path and bed maintenance that is needed around the garden. If you haven’t had a chance to join in please come out and help keep our garden healthy and beautiful!
    Thanks all for making the garden such a good space. Don’t forget to keep your paths clear and weeded, and please let us know right away if you encounter any issues.
    Happy gardening,


    May 1 @ 2:00 pm
    October 31 @ 4:00 pm


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