Our community seeks to be fully affirming of LGBTQ+ people, their relationships and their gifts being shared in our midst.

Join Us as We Leave

It’s time to take a stand. Please come and sign on to our “Join us as we leave” website. We’re hoping that this will create a very visible and positive message about the number of people who stand behind the need for affirming churches. It is so fun to watch the number of supporters rise!
So grateful to Jackets Creative for making this beautiful platform for us.

Upcoming Events

  1. Prayer & Healing Team

    January 26, 2020 - January 3, 2021
  2. Broader Community

    March 25, 2020 @ 12:00 am - March 18, 2022 @ 11:59 pm
  3. Victoria Street Community Garden

    March 29 - September 28

Let Joy Lead (March 22, 2020)

Let Joy Lead/ March 22, 2020

In this first week of social isolation, Peter gives a message from James 1:1-8 about facing difficult times. (video link above/audio link below)
Here are some video links to music from last Sunday and a link to music Gwen Bilsky prepared to share this week. Link to prayer notes from Shannon.


Keep checking our Facebook group, St. Croix Church, for all the latest updates.

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New Name Day (March 15, 2020)

New Name Day/ March 15, 2020

Today was the day we had chosen to step away from the Vineyard and we had many friends from this area that wanted to join us. In the end we decided that it was wiser to postpone this (but still have a regular service for those who could make it) so that we could follow the guidelines for social distancing. We did go ahead with the PIE (Public, Intentional and Explicit about being Affirming) Day celebration last night. Madi Smith and Keara Hannan came from Minnesota to lead the vocals for that event. This morning they joined Zoe Fitch and Dave Warne from Colourful Language, along with Rick Coates and Gary Soucoup, to provide incredible music. Then Walter Thiessen led a discussion about what our community ought to do during the virus crisis. After that Peter Fitch gave a short devotional on being real and being transformed by Love. Finally, Walter and Peter revealed the new name of our church. Here’s a video about that part.

Other fast links to parts of the service:

Audio to just the talking parts with Walter and Peter.

Audio and video to COVID-19 song.

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International Women’s Day (March 8, 2020)

International Women’s Day/ March 8, 2020

Amanda de Gruchy organized a remarkable chorus of voices to speak about women’s perspectives and issues. This was a great service with music and poetry and stories from women of various ages. It was often overwhelming. The first part of the service, before the official presentations, also had some beautiful moments so we included that part, too.

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